Don Moore

Opera 10.60 out

In Browsers on July 2, 2010 at 12:39 AM

Opera, the software company perhaps known best for their mobile browsers, has released the latest version of its desktop browser for Windows, Mac, & Linux. As a die hard Firefox user slowly edging towards Chrome, my only recent experience with Opera comes from the Java-based Opera Mini (I still use a T-Mobile MDA- blah). But for fans out there, the update should be welcome news.

New features  include:

  • Speed Opera prides itself on the speed of its browsers, and 10.60 is even faster, rendering HTML pages at lip-flappingly fast pace.
  • Geolocation Sites like Foursquare and Twitter have made geolocation all the rage, and the enw Opera brings that capability to your desktop, allowing sites to tailor the user experience based on your location.
  • WebM Royalty free, HTML5 compatible hi-def video finally comes to Opera.

Anyone looking to switch browsers, or even find a dependable, fast secondary browser, should try Opera 10.60 out.

Download: Opera 10.60 for Mac, Linux & Mac


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