Don Moore

Wal-Mart Plans RFID Tracking For Clothing

In Business on July 24, 2010 at 8:08 PM

The world’s largest corporation is preparing to get super hi tech. Starting next month, Wal-Mart plans to began placing RFID (short for radio-frequency identification) smart tags on its clothing merchandise, reports the Wall Street Journal. These RFID will increase efficiency, allowing an employee with a hand held scanner to be able to keep track of hundreds of items. Such a large scale adoption is currently unprecedented among retailers.

Mixing the world’s largest company and real time digital tracking is sure to raise concerns, however. Though the tags can be removed, they can hypothetically be scanned by anyone, not just Wal-Mart employees. And RFID scanners used to read these smart tags can be used to scan other, more sensitive info: newer types of credit cards, drivers licenses, even passports. Needless to say this is slightly troubling for consumer advocacy groups.

Wal-Mart and civil liberty concerns? Say it ‘aint so! I, for one, welcome are new underpants tracking overlords.

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