Don Moore

Nobody-NOBODY- Would Pay To Use Twitter

In Twitter on July 27, 2010 at 12:51 AM

Bad news for Twitter: Apparently, lots of people love the microblogging service. The only problem is, they only love it when it’s free to use: zero percent of users would pay for it. No, really. Zero percent. The Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School conducted a nine month study on broadband internet, wifi, and of course, social networking services. According to the study:

The annual study of the impact of the Internet on Americans by the Center for the DigitalFuture found that 49 percent of Internet users said they have used free micro-blogs such as Twitter.But when asked if they would be willing to pay for Twitter, zero percent said yes.

Surprising results, but perhaps not too surprising. Twitter is, after all, comprised almost entirely of user generated content. Hard to charge others for stuff that you’re not even creating. Thefull study is pay to read, but you can view the highlights here:

2010 Digital Future Report– Center for the Digital Future

  1. […] E: Ehhh… it depends on the price. Maybe I’d pay for a one time cost, but I don’t know about a recurring fee. (Ebony’s with literally every other user on this; see our earlier post.) […]

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