Don Moore

What’s The Matter With Blackberry?

In Blackberry, Smartphones on August 3, 2010 at 1:38 PM

Research in Motion (or RIM), makers of the Blackberry, is undisputed king of smartphones in the US: According to a study by NPD research, RIM’s operating system held a massive 36 percent market share in the US, by far the largest share among mobile OSes. But RIM’s choke hold on the smartphone market is tenuous at best, according to a new survey by the Nielsen Group. The survey, released yesterday, asked current smartphone users about their preference of a new phone; only 42% of Blackberry owners want another Blackberry when it comes time to buy a new phone.

Nearly a third of current Blackberry users want an iPhone next. In contrast, the vast majority of iPhone and Android users want to stick with the brand they’re using. The numbers present a stark reality for RIM and its stockholders: while the Blackberry currently reigns supreme, it’s dominance could be well on it’s way to ending. Forbes, among others, believes that iPhone could overtake Blackberry at the top as soon as 2011. Just another reminder that in the world of mobile phones, nothing is guaranteed.

So, what say Blackberry users out there? Do you plan on sticking with RIM or defecting when the time comes for a replacement phone? Leave comments below.


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