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TS Spotlight: Ebony G., Tweeter Extraordinaire

In Spotlight, Twitter on August 5, 2010 at 2:30 AM

This is the first in what’s hopefully a series of posts profiling interesting people and their relationship to technology. Designers, bloggers, end users-we’ll cover them all here. Our inaugural TS Spotlight focuses on Ebony, a prolific Tweeter from Brooklyn, NY.

We have tons of info on the “average” Twitter user. We know how often they tweet. We know what they tweet about. We know that on the whole, the average twitter user is pretty boring. Ebony is not your typical tweeter. The typical Twitter user isn’t very prolific; according to statistics site RJMetrics, around 80% of users have created less than ten tweets. Ebony has 14,193 and counting. The average user has just 27 followers. Ebony? 567. Not bad for a non-celeb.

Needless to say, with those kind of stats, Ebony is an extreme outlier in the land of Twit. So we sat Ebony down and conducted a brief Q&A with her on–what else?- Twitter.

TechSpeak (TS): When did you first  begin tweeting?

Ebony (E): I’ve been tweeting since April 18, 2009, 8:45PM

TS: Explain, in your own words, what Twitter is.

E: Twitter is a public log of what you’re doing and/or thinking.

TS: How do you mainly use Twitter? From the main site, or a third party app?

E: I tweet primarily using Ubertwitter on my Blackberry.

TS: How often do you use Twitter? What do you use it for?

E: I use it every day, predominately for entertainment and fun, but also sometimes for venting.

TS: How important is Twitter in your life?

E: I’d say it’s quite important in the context of my social life; if I were to lose it I wouldn’t die, but I’d definitely notice it was missing.

TS: Would be willing to pay in order to use Twitter?

E: Ehhh… it depends on the price. Maybe I’d pay for a one time cost, but I don’t know about a recurring fee. (Ebony’s with literally every other user on this; see our earlier post.)

TS: Twitter has sort of earned a reputation as being TMI central. Give some examples of the more personal things you’ve put on Twitter for the world to see.

E: I’ve posted intimate tweets, including ones pertaining to sex, being horny, etc.

TS: You keep your page public; why is that? And have you ever considered making it private?

E: I feel that keeping my page public allows me to amass more followers. And yes, I’ve considered making it private plenty of times.

TS: Any advice/warnings for those readers out there thinking about making a E: Twitter page?

Tweet often enough to be remembered, and solemnly enough to be missed (on Twitter).

TS: What changes would you make to Twitter?

E: Add a mutual follower button.

TS: What do you think are the biggest differences between Facebook and Twitter, and how do you use each one differently?

E: Twitter is simple, less complex than Facebook. It’s a short, to the point kind of thing. There’s no pillow fights, no sending drinks, and all those other “perks” of Facebook.

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