Don Moore

Windows 7 Now More Popular Than Vista

In Microsoft, Windows on August 9, 2010 at 12:57 AM

Reaching a milestone we all were expecting (though maybe not so soon), Windows 7 has overtaken its predecessor Vista in Market share, a mere nine months after its release.

We at TS attribute this to three factors: Windows massive marketing campaign for the Windows 7 rollout, the tepid adoption rate for Vista, and Windows 7 itself: it’s simply a great product, and consumers are picking up on it. Windows 7 still has a way to go before it’s top dog, though: Windows XP is still by far the most popular OS on earth, on nearly 70% of personal computers. Given 7’s success, though, it’s not hard to imagine XP being overtaken sometime in the future as well.

Read more: Windows 7 overtakes Windows Vista in market share


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