Don Moore

NYC Subways Getting Wifi, Cell Service

In Business, Cell Phones, Internet on August 10, 2010 at 1:51 PM

File this in the “about time” folder. Years after other major cities have retrofitted their subway systems, The Big Apple is set to get wifi and cell phone access in MTA stations and trains.

Bloomberg News reports that Transit Wireless LLC, the group awarded the contract to retrofit subways with wifi in 2007, has recently secured new financing from Australian company Broadcast Australia. The project, delayed for 3 years, is now apparently back on track.

The planned service will be similar to what other metropolitan areas enjoy, just on a larger scale for the largest subway system on earth. The project, according to projections, can be completed for the surprisingly economical price of 200 million US dollars. Major cell carriers will then pay to use the network.

This is great news for anyone who uses the NYC subway. Being unable to make calls while commuting is a real nuisance, one that’ll thankfully be coming to an end. Now all we can hope is that this project finishes a little quicker than that mythical 2nd Avenue subway.

Read more: New York City Subway Platforms to Go Wireless in Revived Accord

  1. stop playin! are you serious?!

  2. Believe it when I can make calls on the train…

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