Don Moore

Web’s Most Popular Sites, Represented By Their Icons

In infrographic, Internet on August 25, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Another entry in the “trivial but cool” files. Internet security site has released an infographic displaying the web’s 1,000,000 most frequented web pages, represented by their icons. The result is 288,945 unique icon images, each one proportional to their popularity.

NMap explains:

The area of each icon is proportional to the sum of the reach of all sites using that icon. When both a bare domain name and its “www.” counterpart used the same icon, only one of them was counted. The smallest icons–those corresponding to sites with approximately 0.0001% reach–are scaled to 16×16 pixels. The largest icon (Google) is 11,936 x 11,936 pixels, and the whole diagram is 37,440 x 37,440.

The results are pretty cool, if unsurprising: Google is by far the largest, with Facebook second. It’s interesting to note just how many of these sites are owned and controlled by a relatively small number of conglomerates: Google owns both Youtube, 4th on the list, and Orkut, the popular (in Brazil and India at least) social networking site,as well as Blogger. Microsoft runs both (which somehow has two icons listed) as well as MSN and Bing.

Our favorite item on the list? LiveJasmin: 18th on the list, and I have still yet to meet anyone who’s visited that page voluntarily.

See the interactive map here:


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