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TekSpeak Spotlight: Echo Photoshoot At The Continental

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Who: The Echo team (and a whole bunch of friends)

What: Echo Photo Shoot

When: August 20th

Where: 25 Third Avenue, New York, NY

Last month, TekSpeak did a story on Echo, the upstart app looking for a seat at the Location Based Service (or LBS) table beside the likes of 4square and Gowalla. With the app due to come out any day now, we caught up to Mapager, the company behind Echo.

As it turns out, Mapager had just held its first photo shoot  for Echo at The Continental in Manhattan. The one universal truth in life: Liquor makes for great photographs, as well as some interesting stories. To find out how the shoot went, as well as learn more about the app itself, we interviewed Tosca Watson, intern at Mapager.

A little background on Tosca: She discovered Mapager while searching Craigslist for jobs, in a listing looking for interns interested in the social networking scene. Tosca is, in her own words, “obsessed” with blogging, Facebook, and other social networking sites. The rest, as they say, is history.

One of Tosca’s first jobs as an intern was recruiting people to participate in the shoot. “The event was for promotional purposes; since Echo is trying to get their name out there we decided to invite a whole bunch of people to help with our promotional ad,” says Tosca. “We’re therefore killing two birds with one stone; not only do we have more people learning about Echo, we also have people actually being part of our first promotional image.”

The idea of “seducing people with alcohol,” as Tosca puts it, was the product of the brainstorming efforts of Nigel and Christian, two of Mapager’s founders. “Originally it was free beer at this local bar near NYU that I thought of, but then we changed it to Continental because it wouldn’t be as crowded and we figured more people would come for free shots rather than free beer.”

Amazingly, only around 15-20 people were enticed by the allure of free shots, so the Mapager team improvised: Random bargoers were enlisted as extras for the shoot.

When asked if the shoot fit the image of Mapager and Echo, Tosca replies: “I think the event was perfect for the company, because if you look at the photos from that night it was fun, eventful and everyone was happy and participating. No one was “checking in”, they were living in the moment, which is what Echo’s focus is on. ”

So the night’s events went smoothly, albeit haphazardly. But what of the pics, the point of the entire night? “In the end we left with what we needed and got that perfect shot.” Tosca continues,  “we also plan to get promo shots using regular people like every month or so and possibly holding events for it.”

A social networking company using actual socialization to promote their product? A surprisingly novel concept.

Check below for more pics:


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