Don Moore

Google Unveils Google Instant, Real Time Predictive Search

In Google, Internet on September 9, 2010 at 4:17 AM

Using Google has become almost a reflex for hundreds of millions of users; you type in your query, press search, and click one of the results that appear on your page. The process is so closely linked to Google that searching online anywhere is known as googling. The brains at the web giant have just altered that paradigm in a major way. Instant Google, unveiled today, brings streaming, real time search results to Google, no search bar required.

Modern search engine are fast–most searches on a broadband connection take a fraction of a second- but Google Instant makes fast even faster, cutting out the several seconds it takes to type out your full search string, wait for results to load. I don’t ever recall bemoaning the speed of Google’s old search, but as with cars and TV dinner preparation, faster is never a bad thing.


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