Don Moore

Guess Who’s Back

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2011 at 2:43 PM

My last post on this blog was November 20th of last year. A lot has happened since then: I’ve written another story set to be published (more on that later… hopefully) and I’ve gotten an internship at a good company doing what I love perhaps more than anything besides writing. I’ve also been swamped with schoolwork and other responsibilities. Hence the long span of inactivity.

Of course, chalking my absence on this blog up to lack of time is the lazy way out. For two thirds of my life I’ve been telling myself and others that I wanted to be a writer, that writing was my “passion”. Why then, didn’t I take the time out of my schedule to blog? Were all of those Giants games more important than the craft which I wish to pursue as a career? apparently I was, because since November 20th I’ve spent probably over 100 hours following pro football, and not a single hour writing about technology. I’ve spent more time watching Jessica Black’s “Friday” than I’ve spent writing. How depressing is that? Despite this, I’ve still been getting about 20 visitors a day on average, despite not promoting my site or posting content for nearly half a year.

To the people who inexplicably found their way here (thanks Google!): I’m going to start posting semi regularly again. It won’t be daily like back during last summer. I can’t even promise weekly. But I do promise that when I get free time I’ll post.  Because honestly, this is what I love to do.

That and football isn’t back for at least four months.

Enjoy the blog folks!


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