Don Moore

Works & Awards

A (mostly) complete listing of my works that have appeared in print, radio, or online publications

How to WOW Employers
YC Teen September/October 2011

Is Facebook a Modern Rite of Passage?
New Youth Connections January/February 2007

Sisters in Sisterhood Help Each Other Grow Up

New Youth Connections January/February 2007

Borat: The Joke’s on Us
New Youth Connections March 2007

Barack Is Black…But Not African-American
New Youth Connections May/June 2007

Stop making kids feel like prisoners in their schools
New York Daily News October 11, 2007

Police Limit ‘Hanging Out’
Gotham Gazette October 2007

Starbury: The New Status Symbol?
New Youth Connections October 2007

Stepping In The Voting Booth In NY
Youth Radio February 6, 2007

Making Sense of Government Benefits
New Youth Connections March 2009

And a complete list of all awards and honors I’ve received as a writer

2008 Random House, Inc. Creative Writing Contest

Runner Up Prize


2008 Ippies Independent Journalism Awards

2nd place, Best Editorial / Commentary

Prisoners in Our School – Why are kids treated like criminals while trying to get an education?


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